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Faint Glow

Be Cautious Online:

Please be advised that we ONLY take payments in person at our salon in Delray Beach, FL. We do not accept payments online or over the phone. Be cautious of any requests claiming to be our company Lovely Paws Pet Grooming. If you have received a charge or an email requesting financial information claiming to be from us, it is not our company. We would never ask or send any requests for payments through our website. Please contact your bank immediately if you have received any unauthorized charges.

Grooming is about maintaining both your dog’s physical health as well as their appearance.

"A dog is the only thing that loves you more then yourself"

Josh Billings 

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When picking up your pet, please do not call out to them or whistle as this alarms the other dogs that are in the process of being groomed.

Mission Statement

Our commitment to providing our customers the best grooming experience does not surpass our ultimate priority which is your pet. We will never compromise the health and safety of a pet for any reason.

What Pet Owners Say

"Great Service"

"Beautiful grooming work,

Excellent service & prices!"-

"Kind & Loving"

"Lovely Paws always does such a great job on Laci's groom! Laci is 14 years old and has a back injury and they are always so careful and sweet with her. I recommend them highly!"

Judy Tobey

Lori Hill

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