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Please help one of  our own

As many of our long time clients know, we have always kept a very small close staff. Though we have had some come and go you all know that Robin has been with us since our original location back in 2015. She has been the most requested groomer to so many of our clients. Her dedication to her craft and love of animals have led her to be in this business for over a decade. We could not have come this far without her taking the reigns as our lead groomer.

Unfortunately in December of 2020 after many months of having experienced debilitating pains throughout her body, they discovered she was suffering from lymphoma. Her continued pain and further debilitating medical condition has forced her to have to stop the craft she loves. Even having experienced so many difficult sypmtoms prior to her diagnosis she continued to work inspite of it. She loves what she does and she is severely missed by us as well as her clients.

The realities of an illness are compounded by the realities of everyday life and that's why we are asking everyone to donate to her medical fund and expenses. With the current world pandemic and much of the government being stunted by it, there has been little assistance available to her. What help is available is taking substantually longer due to the situation as well and it is making what is an already difficult situation worsen. We don't want her to have to make what is often even more illness inducing decisions about the life she worked so hard to make for herself, on top of the further health decisions she has to make in order to continue to live her life.

As a staff we are all rooting for a speedy return. We are all hopeful that she will be able to fight this horrendous disease and return to doing the things she loves. We know that so many of our clients feel as affectionate towards her as we do as coworkers and friends. Thats why we ask all of you to donate what you can to her medical fund  and expenses below. The money gets directly deposited to her there is no percentage that gets received by anyone or is the business receiving any kickbacks, or credits. All we want for our dear friend and co-worker is for her to have the best chance at survival without the added stressors that come with these life changing diseases. Please share accross all your social media platforms so we can spread the word and show her all the love and support we can in her time of dire need


Lets help her win the fight for her life!

Below is the donation box, thank you all for any amount you can!

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